About Us

Brief the foundation

Roaatalshoala Trading Est. For wholesale and retail sale and all related to natural and industrial coal, ignition materials, barbecuing tools and accessories
And travel accessories. It carries the following brands: AL-Mshael- Meshal – AL-Samer (Commercial Register 1010176165) Established in 2000 and headquartered in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia.

Our goals
• To maintain leadership in quality of service provided to our customers.

· To offer our customers high quality products for the best price.

· To take the lead in the market: natural and industrial coal, ignition materials, barbecues, accessories and travel accessories.

Our principles in action

· Put customers first.

· We encourage sincere and sincere communication.

· We understand the responsibility of all our promises, actions and commitments.

· Respect the individual.

· Desperate to learn and make a difference in our environment.

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