Common Questions

Can I buy online from Roaatalshoala?
Yes you can buy most products from the site and will be shipped within Saudi Arabia only.
What is the minimum purchase?
There is no minimum order from the site.
How can I find out what products are available for purchase electronically from Roaatalshoala?

All products containing the Add to Cart button are available for purchase via the website.
Is buying online safe?
Purchase from the Jarir Library site is safe and maximum security standards are taken as the site is protected and documented.
What are the requirements for buying from the site of the splendor of the torch?
1 – The customer must create an account in the site of the splendor of the torch.
2. Offers a credit / debit card or bank transfer.
3. The shipping address is clear and correct, preferably using the national address or address of the Wasel.
Are all products available for purchase through the site?
Most products are available for purchase through the site. If not available, the site allows you to check availability by contacting us.
Can I use the coupon / discount code with each purchase?
Yes You can use the coupon / discount code by entering the number through the purchase process.
Is payment service available upon receipt?
Yes, the payment service is currently available and applies to some orders with a total order amount of SR4,000.
Is the amount deducted directly from the credit card when the order is confirmed?
Upon purchase, the amount is initially booked and the amount is deducted when the purchases are ready for shipment and you will receive an email with the invoice.
How long does it take to deliver e-mail requests to the specified address?
Delivery within 2-3 working days from the date of application to the main cities and a maximum of 10 days for the rest of the Saudi cities.
What is the shipping and delivery cost?
The cost of shipping and delivery depends on the value and weight of the order.
Can shipping to any city?
Yes Shipping is currently available to more than 150 cities and villages within Saudi Arabia.
Can shipment be tracked? Know the status of the order or the status of the shipment?
Yes On your Orders page, select the application whose status you want to know or through the Call Center 920007933.
Can I cancel a purchase order from the site?
Yes, the application can be canceled as long as the request is under processing (the case of the order is “under processing” or “processing the order”) and the application can not be canceled after delivery to the shipping company
(The order status is “ready to ship” or “order shipped”).
Is it possible to replace or refund what was purchased through the site?
Yes, replacement and refund can be made according to the return and return policy.
How do I calculate the return and replacement period for site requests?
The return and replacement period will be calculated from the date of receipt of the order. Upon return or replacement, the purchase invoice must be available.
Work in the event I received a different request for what you requested through the site?
First, we apologize for this error, and do not worry because, according to the policy of the splendor of the torch for return and replacement, you can return the item within 3 days of receipt or
Replace them within 7 days with the product being the same as the original when purchased and wrapped in the original package.
How long does it take to return the amount paid in case of return by the shipping company?
After the receipt of the shipment and confirmation of the product, the return request is sent to the bank within a maximum of two working days
For your bank transactions.
Will the full refund be refunded to me if I return through the shipping company?
The refund will be made after deducting the shipping fees and you will be exempted from paying the fees if the product is contrary to what was announced on the site.
What are the terms and conditions of the payment service upon receipt?
1. It is available as a means of payment on some applications according to the total amount of the demand in the total amount of the request is 4000 Saudi riyals maximum.
2. An additional service charge of RO 20 will be added to the total amount of the order when choosing the payment service upon receipt regardless of the number of products covered
In the request.
3. In the event that the request is not received by the customer at the time of delivery for any reason, Roaatalshoala reserves the right not to provide this method of payment to the customer for any requests
4. In case of refund of the application and the amount of the request, the general return and replacement policy shall be applied and the following condition shall be added: If the payment method is on receipt
The amount of products requested will be refunded only as the account balance of the customer at the site of the splendor of the torch.

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